Full-Color DTF Prints


14″x16″ DTF Prints

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Full-Color DTF Prints

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We will print your logo, image, photo, or anything else you provide on heat transfer film for you.

DTF full-color prints come on film transfers ready to apply to your item.  Each sheet is 14″x16″ so your design must fit within that area.

What is DTF?

Direct-to-Film printing, also known as DTF printing, utilizes a garment printer to create film transfers which can then be applied to a large variety of substrates, including those that are traditionally challenging do decorate, such a polyester. Direct-to-film (DTF) printing is a heat-transfer based print process.

You will need to email all designs to goatlockerprinting@gmail.com.  If the files are too large to email, please send us a message stating so and we will make other arrangements.

DTF Press Temps/Times

  • 350 degrees for 15 seconds
  • Let cool for 2 minutes, and peel
  • Press for 15 more seconds

How Long will a DTF Transfer Last?

DTF transfer sheets have a shelf-life of approximately 1 year before they will no longer transfer properly.

Once applied to a garment, your print will last for approximately 50+ washes if pressed correctly.  The transfer will likely outlast the garment.

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